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There must be a number of Dental Laboratories in United States with outdated Lab Benches and Work stations? To provide your Technicians with ergonomic Lab Benches and work stations will enhance the automatically expected good work results. An ergonomic working environment in your United States Dental Laboratory will not only enhance the work flow, but will lead to less fatigue and sick leave within your team of highly qualified Technicians. An improved working environment with the latest in technical dental equipment, lab benches, dental work stations and ergonomic chairs produces also a significant likelihood to engage more Dental Offices to your United States Dental Laboratory. Ergonomic designed Lab benches, work stations and ergonomic seating offer better efficiency and productivity, all adapted to your United States Dental Laboratory floor plan.

The First Choice in Dental Lab Benches

FUSA Dental is a best-in-class company producing superior quality dental lab benches and dental workstations for United States laboratories and dental technicians. FUSA Dental Made in the USA ergonomic Lab Bench and Lab Workstations are purchased by dental businesses of all types around the world.

FUSA Dental provides well-designed dental workstations for your United States Laboratory. Quality and functionality are the key elements for your Laboratory success.

Our philosophy is not to put as many lab benches into a dental laboratory as possible. We rather create an environment where technicians are comfortable and love their ergonomic lab bench. The proprietor of United States dental labs benefit greatly because technicians spend more time in the laboratory than anywhere else. Technicians enjoy spending their time in the laboratory at their dental lab workstation rather than dreading being there.

Why FUSA Dental Lab Bench and Workstations?

Our many years of experience and knowledge in dental lab planning affords United States labs both functionality and high-quality benches and workstations ... within your budget. FUSA Dental provides your technicians with ergonomic, comfortable benches and workstations that will improve productivity and morale. Choices of configurations allows you to perfectly fit your benches into your United States Dental Laboratory facility to accommodate your unique work flow.

We will be happy to advise you about dental workstations, lab benches and the best floor plan for your United States Dental Laboratory. Schedule Dental Laboratory Best Floor Plan Layout Design Consultation. Call (310) 922 - 8102 or Email us for a bench / workstation quotation: sales@fusadental.com Our emphasis is to provide lab benches and workstations, with quality and durability at affordable prices.

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